Wednesday, June 13, 2012


clockwise from top left: the long and winding road; really inappropriate farm footwear (my signature move); new crops in 1 of 6 enormous garden beds; Leonardo, the janky-footed Speckled Sussex rooster; appropriate farm footwear; rocky road by the bonfire; the girls; a dirty-snouted pig; cajun seafood boil with pretty corn (center photo)

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  1. loving the pictures...and saw you caramelitas (sp) on pintrest...I have also eaten something similar in three days. urg. I wish my husband had a sweet tooth so that he would help.
    any way keep up the great work! I will keep reading:)

    1. Thanks Candace! It is such a burden to be the lone sweets eater, isn't it?! I have a little help.

  2. just found your blog via pinterest and am loving your farm posts. What is your instagram name? I want to follow!

  3. Never mind! I figured it out! :) Sorry, I'm just a little slow.


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