Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Printable Placemat


When I was growing up (and again, now that my parents and grandparents moved just a few minutes away), we always had a nice dinner on Sunday evenings with my entire family. One of the kids was always in charge of setting the table, and my Nana made sure that we learned to set it properly. Looking back, it was a small but valuable bit of knowledge, and something I hope my kids will learn as they grow up.

Back in May, I got to help out with an etiquette dinner for the youth at church. We grown-ups decided that sticking with basic manners would be more than enough for our group of teenagers, including how to properly set a table for dinner. To help them, I designed these fun placemats that we printed out and laid at each place setting. I've been meaning to post them for the past three months, and figured I'd better do it now before the paper placemat trend is completely over!



The placemats we used at the etiquette dinner were made specifically for that night; someone told me exactly what the plan was dinner-wise, and I made sure the correct utensils were on there. The placemat available for download below is a more basic one that would work for any weeknight dinner. One of my friends had her husband print them on his printer at work, which can handle 11x17" paper. If your home printer can't accommodate that size, just download the file to a thumb drive and have a copy shop print some for you! Click HERE to download your own copy!

printable placemat 4
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  1. Thanks for sharing this. We will definitely use this for our etiquette dinner activity coming up in the spring!

    1. It was so fun to run into you last weekend; what a nice surprise! Have fun at your next etiquette dinner; I think we should have them once a month, lol!

  2. Replies
    1. They were really fun to make, and fun to use! I'm going to print up a bunch so that my kids can start setting the table every night!


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