Friday, October 5, 2012

October Favorites {Give-Away}, Halloween Party edition

I don't know if I can commit to what I'm about to say because Christmas is so very, very huge, but Halloween is my favorite holiday of the year! It embraces and heightens every good thing that I love about the Autumn season: dark, blustery nights, warm, flickering candlelight, heady spices and sweet treats and mystery and magic. Here are some of my favorites this month; they'd make the cutest little Halloween party!


These are like the Halloween version of that perennial winter favorite, the paper snowflake! So easy and so cute, with just a pinch of spookiness! {photo from Kelly of Studio DIY for This Heart of Mine}

2. favorite spooky treat that I want to eat a million of: Halloween cake pops from Bakerella
I hope you've all had cake pops by now people. Cake pops are literally everywhere these days (Starbucks anyone?), thanks to the adorable creations of the queen of cake pops, Bakerella. If you haven't had a Bakerella cake pop, you. are. missing. out. They are so over-the-top delicious, it's ridiculous! And how cute are these ghosts?! {photo from Bakerella}

3. favorite cute party favors (that you could probably figure out how to DIY): Williams-Sonoma Halloween Candies
I don't think there are many things that wouldn't look adorable in a tiny jar with a cork in the top and an old-timey label on the front. And I'm a sucker for sour gummy pumpkins! {photo from Williams-Sonoma}

4. favorite cutest way I've seen to carve a pumpkin: Lantern Pumpkins from Country Living
I tend to get really impatient when I carve pumpkins and end up slopping on a plain old classic (and boring) jack-o-lantern face: triangle eyes and nose, big smile with a couple of buck teeth--nothing even remotely creative. These cute pumpkins take the "lantern" in jack-o-lantern literally, with sweet, old-fashioned lamps and lanterns painted on the outside of the pumpkins and warm, flickering candlelight shining through the cut-outs. I'm actually looking forward to carving pumpkins this year! {photo from Country Living}

5. favorite way to display your Halloween cake (see #8): Spider Cake Plate from Glitterville
Confession: I've wanted this cake plate for a really, really long time. *sigh* I can just imagine all of the delicious Halloween treats I'd display on it. I might have to wait until I have an entire room just for cake plate storage! Seriously, that's in the works. {photo from Glitterville}

6. favorite bit of Halloween happiness sitting on the back of my piano right now: DIY Painted Argyle Pumpkins
Many moons ago, I visited my little sister just before Halloween and spotted some argyle pumpkins that I knew I'd never be able to fit in my suitcase. So I put on my DIY thinking-cap when I got home and made one! And it is still one of my favorite Halloween decorations. It is preppy and bright and bold.

7. favorite cute way to eat all of that yummy party food: Halloween Party Spoons from Sucre Shop
I'm a little bit addicted to wooden utensils right now, and Sucre Shop's printed spoons and forks are the cutest I've seen. Scallops, chevron, polka dots, stripes, ombre, metallic, cute messages--you can find an adorable set of utensils for any party theme! {photo from Sucre Shop}

8. favorite fall cake: Chocolate Pumpkin Cake from Country Living
I just love how this cake looks! I think it is beautiful and simple, and somehow rustic and graphic at the same time. And I bet is tastes awesome, which is a plus for a cake, right?! {photo from Country Living}

The give-away is now closed and the winner has been contacted by email. Thanks to everyone who visited!!

Give-away time! Sucre Shop is generously donating a set of 20 Halloween forks or ice cream spoons to the winner of our give-away this month! Many thanks to Brooke of Sucre Shop for making that happen. And to go with your cute wooden Halloween party utensils, you'll get a surprise box of Halloween party supplies from me! Who knows what spooky-yet-delightful treasures you'll receive!

To enter to win a mystery box of Halloween party goodies including 20 Halloween party forks or spoons from Sucre Shop, leave a comment on this post. The give-away will be open to US residents only and will end Monday night, October 8th, at midnight. The winner will be chosen at random using, and will be notified by email (so I better be able to find your email!).

Good luck, and Happy Halloween!

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  1. Halloween is my favorite holiday, too, with Christmas at a close second. There's just something about autumn, orange, apples, and the crips weather. Plus - we get to dress up and decorate our homes all cute and spooky. Love it!

    Great curation. Love all the links. :)

  2. Love love LOVE those ghosty pops! So cute!

  3. What a fun and generous giveaway! I'm planning to host a small fall/halloween gathering at my house soon, these would be wonderful to win.

  4. Wish I could see all your holiday yumminess in person! Have to try those paper spider webs. Anna

  5. Very neat! I will admit Halloween is not my favorite holiday...but I think that is now b/c I have to find costumes for my children! That can be hard!

  6. I love those spoons! I am super excited for halloween this year.

  7. I love Halloween too. We decorated our house on Oct 1st. david_lauren_forever at yahoo dot com.

  8. Those tiny little cork stoppered jars with candy in them are SO cute!!

  9. Halloween is also my favorite holiday....thank you.

  10. Love those cake pops!!!

  11. I found your site from a recipe I re-pinned from Pinterest. Winning this Halloween conest would be cool. Happy October.

  12. Those spoons are perfect for a Halloween Party! Love them and your blog! :)

  13. How adorable is your argyle pumpkin? Going to make this today! Love your blog, so yummy and funny:).

  14. Nice blog. I love your ghost!!

  15. Oh my word!!! I love the spider cake plate!!! I can't wait to show my girls(kids) these cute projects. We are going to have a fun week creating. Thanks for all your amazing ideas!!!

    Smiles & a BOO! Kristy Jo

  16. I've been craving some hot apple cider! I love the Fall too. Hope you're doing well. Thanks for another give-away. Kristy V. (nickels 05 @ gmail)

  17. Halloween is my favorite holiday... what a fun giveaway!

  18. Michelle MurchisonOctober 8, 2012 at 11:24 AM

    I love Halloween too!!! Winning this spooky gear would be amazing!

  19. Oh wow! I was almost to late to enter this awesome giveaway! Glad I stopped by. =0)
    The wooden spoons are way too cute! I hope I win!!!


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