Monday, January 21, 2013

Snowy Lemon Thumbprints


It has been extra cold and gloomy in our part of the country this month. I think that's why I love citrus at this time of year--it brings some much-needed sunshine into an otherwise stark and barren landscape. These Snowy Lemon Thumbprints are the perfect antidote to the midwinter hum-drums. They are sweet and tart, and taste like sunshine! To get the full recipe, visit my latest post for Best Friends For Frosting.
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  1. Lu---
    I am so proud of you. This blog is wonderful as are your recipes. Chloe is having a ball trying new things-- and sometimes simply reading it. We love you.
    Auntie Shelly&the girls

    1. I love you guys too! Thanks for being so supportive. :)


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