Thursday, February 13, 2014

A Valentine's Date


My husband and I decided to start a new Valentine's Day gift tradition last year--giving each other dates. My birthday is just barely a month after Christmas, and then Valentine's Day comes two weeks later, so it was beginning to feel a little bit like present overload, if you can believe it. Every time a gift-giving occasion comes up, I think, "Where in the world are we going to put all of the things we get?" I don't really need more necklaces or spatulas or bags, and my husband doesn't need more power tools or reference books or wool socks. So we decided to give each other dates for Valentine's Day every year. That way, we get to have time together having fun and making memories. Last year, I gave my husband movie tickets and gift cards to our favorite burger joint and dessert place, and my husband gave me a picnic basket filled with delicious, picnic-worthy treats. And this year, I signed us up for a mid-week cooking class, which is something we've talked about doing since we got married over 9 years ago!

If you were giving your special someone a date for Valentine's Day this year, what would you plan? Dance lessons or tickets to a play? A weekend get-away or brunch at their favorite restaurant?

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  1. Great idea Lulu! My boyfriend and I are all about making memories too.

  2. I love this idea! James and I tend to enjoy giving each other experiences rather than physical objects too. Last year, I took him on a mini getaway to Portsmouth for his birthday, and he took me to the Berkshires for mine. I find that "stuff" goes into a closet or a drawer somewhere, but with experiences, we'll talk about them for a long time afterward.

  3. We love this idea! We aren't overly keen on Valentine's Day but we like to do something fun. Usually we visit a nursery and pick out a new tree or plant for spring.

  4. I'm happy for you Lulu. The best Valentine's date. Your hubby is so sweet. :)

  5. this is so sweet! Hoping you had a lovely valentines day. Hugs!

  6. This is a great idea - totally stealing it!


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