Thanks for your interest in advertising on Lulu the Baker! I'm thrilled at the growth my little blog has experienced over the past 5+ years, and am excited and eager to share some of that with you and your blog or business!

With the holiday baking rush right around the corner, now is the perfect time to advertise on Lulu the Baker! Between Christmas cookie plates and neighbor gift ideas, we're expecting a steady increase in daily visits and pageviews over the next 4 months, and we've got lots of special posts in store! As a sponsor of Lulu the Baker, your products and services will reach a large and engaged group of readers, with more new readers stopping by each month. For site statistics, social media reach, etc, please email me and request a media kit.

The ad spaces available on Lulu the Baker can start on any day of the month--you don't have to wait until the 1st!--and run for 1 month. The buttons below make it easy for you to choose the advertising option that best fits your budget.

Please note that I want the advertising on this blog to be a good fit with the style and content of Lulu the Baker. It's the best thing for everyone involved--me, you, and the readers--if your product or blog fits in seamlessly with the look and feel of Lulu the Baker. As such, all ads and sponsors are subject to approval.
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